The Trung Sister’s shadow puppets

This year students from year five have a wonderful opportunity to work with visiting artist Jo Trevathan. This six month project will see students making shadow puppets, performing the real life story of the Vietnamese heroines The Trung Sister at the Bowery Theatre, St Albans as part of ‘The St Albans Festival of Families’.
Students have already started making the shadow puppets during the arts classes. Here a few students creating their masterpieces!






Welcome to The Arts 2017

This year I will be taking grades 3/4 & 5/6 students for Visual Arts on a Monday or Tuesday for terms 1 & 2 and for Performing Arts during terms 3 & 4.

This year in Visual Arts, your child will be creating lots of exciting things and developing their artistic skills in areas such as drawing, modelling, construction and printing.

In Performing Arts the students will be engaging in various drama and music activities.

To help your child keep their school uniform clean, please make sure your child has an Art Smock.  An Art Smock can be bought from shops such as Target or Kmart or you could use an old shirt.  Don’t forget to make sure your child’s name is on their Smock!

In the Art Room we are always looking for things from home we can use for our artworks. Some things we always need in the Art Room are:

  • Scraps of material
  • Wool, buttons
  • Magazines / newspaper


If you have any of these at home that you no longer need please feel free to bring them in.

I look forward to an exciting year in The Arts.  Please feel free to see me on a Monday or Tuesday and have a look at the wonderful work we will be creating!

Vietnamese translation:

Chào MØng ñ‰n V§i NghOE ThuÆt

Xin chào, tôi là Vinza Armocida, tôi dåy môn MÏ ThuÆt cho h†c sinh L§p 3/4 và 5/6 vào ThÙ Hai ho¥c ThÙ Ba trong h†c kÿ 1&2 và dåy môn NghOE ThuÆt Trình DiÍn trong h†c kÿ 3&4.

Næm nay trong ChÜÖng Trình MÏ ThuÆt, con cûa quí vÎ së sáng tåo ra nhiŠu tác phÄm lš thú và phát tri‹n kÏ næng nghOE thuÆt cûa em nhÜ vë, xây d¿ng mô hình và in. Trong môn NghOE ThuÆt Trình DiÍn các em së tham gia nhiŠu sinh hoåt khác nhau vŠ kÎch và nhåc.

ñ‹ giúp cho ÇÒng phøc con cûa quí vÎ không bÎ vÃy bÄn, vui lòng bäo Çäm con cûa quí vÎ có Art Smoke (Áo Choàng). Art Smoke có th‹ mua tØ nh»ng cºa tiOEm nhÜ Target ho¥c Kmart ho¥c cÛng có th‹ sº døng áo sÖ mi cÛ. ñØng quên vi‰t tên cûa con lên Art Smoke!

Trong Phòng MÏ ThuÆt chúng tôi lúc nào cÛng cÀn nh»ng thÙ tØ nhà mà chúng tôi có th‹ sº døng trong môn MÏ thuÆt. Nh»ng thÙ mà chúng tôi luôn cÀn nhÜ :

 Väi vøn

 Len, khuy nút

 Tåp chí/báo cÛ

N‰u quí vÎ có nh»ng thÙ này ª nhà mà không cÀn ljn chúng n»a vui lòng mang ljn cho chúng tôi.

Tôi mong mÕi có m¶t næm dåy MÏ ThuÆt thÆt lš thú. Xin ÇØng ngÀn ngåi g¥p tôi vào ThÙ Hai ho¥c ThÙ Ba và Ç‹ m¡t coi nh»ng tác phÄm tuyOEt v©i mà các em së sáng tåo!

Keith Haring

The artist Keith Haring was born on May 4, 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He developed a love for drawing at a very early age, learning basic cartooning skills from his father and from the popular culture around him, such as Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney.

During the term 4 student studied his style and enjoyed his artwork, especially the ‘Dancing People’ which were one of Keith Haring repeated symbols in his artwork. Students created their own ” Dancing People” and painted them in bright bold colours.img_2599 img_2600 img_2601 img_2602 img_2603 img_2604

David Hockney

The NGV is currently showing an exhibition of one of the most influential living artists, David Hockney: Current. The exhibition features over 1200 works from the past decade of the artist’s career – some new and many never-before-seen in Australia – including paintings, digital drawings, photography and video works.

This term students in grade 1/2 looked at David Hockney’s swimming pool paintings and created their own drawings/paintings of themselves swimming underwater.  They used the media of oil pastels and food dye.img_2583 img_2584 img_2585 img_2592img_2598img_2589 img_2586 img_2587 img_2588  img_2590 img_2591  img_2593 img_2594 img_2595 img_2596 img_2597

Term 4 Visual Arts

What a busy term we have ahead.  This term in Visual Arts students will begin with focusing on the area of painting, using the element of colour and building on their painting skills and using brushes.  Students will following some wonderful artists as inspiration for their artworks.

This is also reminder to all students the importance of bringing an Art Smock next week to class.