Vincent Van Gogh

During semester 2 the students from Prep and 1/2 created art works inspired by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

The Prep/One students worked together and created a beautiful textile collage of the famous painting The Sunflowers’.

The One/Two students created drawings of the ‘Starry Night’ onto their clay plaques. Well Done prep/one/two students!

Visual Arts Overview

Flowers in a Vase

Hi, I’m Vinza Armocida and I take grades Prep/1/2 children for Art on a Monday or Tuesday.

In the Art Room this year your child will be creating lots of exciting things and developing their artistic skills in areas such as painting, collage, textiles, drawing and construction.

To help your child keep their school uniform clean, please make sure your child has an Art Smock.  An Art Smock can be bought or you could use an old shirt.  Don’t forget to make sure your child’s name is on their Smock!

In the Art Room we are always looking for things from home we can use for our artworks. Some things we always need in the Art Room are:

  • Old newspapers
  • Scraps of material
  • Wool
  • Magazines

If you have any of these at home that you no longer need please feel free to bring them in.

I look forward to an exciting year in the Art Room. 

Please feel free to see me on a Monday or Tuesday and have a look at the wonderful work we will be creating!


Welcome to SAEPS Prep, One/Two Visual Arts Blog! My name is Vinza Armocida and I am one of the Visual Art Specialist teachers at school. This is going to very a very special space for us to chat and share  our Visual Arts learning.

This term  we will be doing lots of exciting new art activities this term.

  • Preps are starting off with learning all about Farm animals and how to make some animals using plasticine.  
  • The grades one/two students are starting off with the Google Art competetion.  I am looking forward  to seeing your fantastic ideas and designs.