Amedeo Modigliani was an Italian artist that lived in the early 1900’s, known for his soulful yet slightly exaggerated portrait paintings, especially involving the length of the necks, slouching shoulders, oval heads, thin eyebrows and a long thin nose.
The grade 5/6 students enjoyed learning about his style and produced some amazing artwork. They used the media of oil pastels with a gloss over the artwork. Enjoy!













Welcome to The Arts 2017

This year I will be taking grades 3/4 & 5/6 students for Visual Arts on a Monday or Tuesday for terms 1 & 2 and for Performing Arts during terms 3 & 4.

This year in Visual Arts, your child will be creating lots of exciting things and developing their artistic skills in areas such as drawing, modelling, construction and printing.

In Performing Arts the students will be engaging in various drama and music activities.

To help your child keep their school uniform clean, please make sure your child has an Art Smock.  An Art Smock can be bought from shops such as Target or Kmart or you could use an old shirt.  Don’t forget to make sure your child’s name is on their Smock!

In the Art Room we are always looking for things from home we can use for our artworks. Some things we always need in the Art Room are:

  • Scraps of material
  • Wool, buttons
  • Magazines / newspaper


If you have any of these at home that you no longer need please feel free to bring them in.

I look forward to an exciting year in The Arts.  Please feel free to see me on a Monday or Tuesday and have a look at the wonderful work we will be creating!

Vietnamese translation:

Chào MØng ñ‰n V§i NghOE ThuÆt

Xin chào, tôi là Vinza Armocida, tôi dåy môn MÏ ThuÆt cho h†c sinh L§p 3/4 và 5/6 vào ThÙ Hai ho¥c ThÙ Ba trong h†c kÿ 1&2 và dåy môn NghOE ThuÆt Trình DiÍn trong h†c kÿ 3&4.

Næm nay trong ChÜÖng Trình MÏ ThuÆt, con cûa quí vÎ së sáng tåo ra nhiŠu tác phÄm lš thú và phát tri‹n kÏ næng nghOE thuÆt cûa em nhÜ vë, xây d¿ng mô hình và in. Trong môn NghOE ThuÆt Trình DiÍn các em së tham gia nhiŠu sinh hoåt khác nhau vŠ kÎch và nhåc.

ñ‹ giúp cho ÇÒng phøc con cûa quí vÎ không bÎ vÃy bÄn, vui lòng bäo Çäm con cûa quí vÎ có Art Smoke (Áo Choàng). Art Smoke có th‹ mua tØ nh»ng cºa tiOEm nhÜ Target ho¥c Kmart ho¥c cÛng có th‹ sº døng áo sÖ mi cÛ. ñØng quên vi‰t tên cûa con lên Art Smoke!

Trong Phòng MÏ ThuÆt chúng tôi lúc nào cÛng cÀn nh»ng thÙ tØ nhà mà chúng tôi có th‹ sº døng trong môn MÏ thuÆt. Nh»ng thÙ mà chúng tôi luôn cÀn nhÜ :

 Väi vøn

 Len, khuy nút

 Tåp chí/báo cÛ

N‰u quí vÎ có nh»ng thÙ này ª nhà mà không cÀn ljn chúng n»a vui lòng mang ljn cho chúng tôi.

Tôi mong mÕi có m¶t næm dåy MÏ ThuÆt thÆt lš thú. Xin ÇØng ngÀn ngåi g¥p tôi vào ThÙ Hai ho¥c ThÙ Ba và Ç‹ m¡t coi nh»ng tác phÄm tuyOEt v©i mà các em së sáng tåo!

All about Drama

This term in Performing Arts the students are learning all about Drama. Drama is about imagining you are somebody else and behaving as that person would in a given situation. In process drama the teacher works with students in role to help build a story through different activities. Students are audience to their own actions and are imaginatively involved in both the creation and consideration of their drama.  Some of the activities are:

  • Freeze Frame
  • Still images
  • Thought tracking
  • Role- playing
  • Role-on-the-wall
  •  Decision alley

Doodle 4 Google Competition


Students from grades 1- 6 are taking part in the 2015 Doodle 4 Google Competition.  It offers young people the chance to have their artwork viewed by millions of people all across the internet.  This year’s theme is “If I travel back in time I would….”

Students spent a few lessons in art at the end of term 3 and it’s now time to bring the entries back to school so as Mrs Price and I can enter them into the competition.

It would wonderful to see some students working on these at home.  Below are a few ideas to help you.

  • Look at previous winners on the internet

  • close their eyes and think about all the wonderful things and people they would like to go back in time to see or meet (locations, historical figures, historical moments, worlds in books, a special piece of art, a historical place)
  • think about the question and draw pictures that represent these ideas


Outline Google letters can be found at the above internet address or come and see Mrs Price and myself for the outlines.

All entries must be back at school by Thursday 6th August.



Performing Arts Terms 3 & 4

This term and next we see all students from grades 3 to 6 move into Performing Arts Room and explore the areas of drama and music. It’s also good opportunity to address our ‘Code of Co-operation’ so we all have a better understanding of student expectations when we participate in the performing arts classes.



  • We will use our manners
  • We will respect ourselves and others
  • We will look after the equipment in the Performing Arts Room


  • We will listen to others while they are talking and take turns to speak.
  • We will encourage each other to always do our best.
  • We will try our best and never give up


  • We will include others at all times
  • We will share our ideas and work together


  • We will be responsible for our actions
  • We will always act safely

Pop Art

The focus this term for 5/6 students is drawing and collage. Students were inspired by Pop Art movement and artist like Roy Lichtenstein and his artworks. Students created a work of art using an onomatopoeia word in the Pop Art style of Roy Lichtenstein. Many of the students used the Ben-Day dots for a background.

The Ben-Day Dots – printing process, named after illustrator and printer Benjamin Henry Day, Jr., is a technique dating from 1879. Depending on the effect, color and optical illusion needed, small colored dots are closely spaced, widely spaced or overlapping.

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