Reflections By Room 19

Here is what Room 19 liked most during Performing Arts this semester:

What I enjoyed most was when we used the instruments.- By Kathy

I liked playing the instruments, especially the tambourine.  By Brendan

I like doing drama, especially freeze frame- By Anna

I like doing  drama  because it fun and I liked when we played the instrument – By Emily

In performing arts I liked acting and doing freeze frames- By Vanessa

In performing arts I liked using the instruments-by Shealla

I liked playing the game captains orders-By Mohammad

I liked doing music. by Kevin

I liked singing Ho ho ho oi oi oi. By Tonu

I liked doing African greeting song called Funga Alafia-By LIsa

I liked captains order because it was a game of listening, moving and skill-By Henry

I liked singing the songs- by Julie

I liked playing captains orders and singing Funga Alafia- by Ethan

I liked playing captains order and singing hohoho oioioi- by neli

I liked listening to the Aussie Christmas song. by Jordan

I liked playing the instruments because it was fun-By Catherine

l like to do acting. chanh

I liked to do the song ho ho ho oi oi oi by Steven

I like to sing. by Wendy

I liked singing the Aussie Christmas song: HO HO HO OI OI OI by Abel

I liked acting when we were pretending to be a teacher. By Harjas

I liked singing the Christmas songs and using the instruments.  By LJ



2 thoughts on “Reflections By Room 19

    • Learning musical instruments is a lot of fun. Keep practising and I can’t wait to hear what else you had learnt to play.

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