Freeze frames are used in drama to make a visual picture, like a photograph, to show characters in a scene or series of scenes. The freeze is held for several seconds to clearly show through the actions and facial expression what the characters are feeling and how they are feeling about other characters in the scene. A series of freeze frames can be used to tell a story. Freeze frames offer a useful way of capturing and conveying meaning, since groups can convey much more than they would be able to through words alone.

When we unfreeze a person in a scene by tapping them on the shoulder (called thought tracking) we can find out more about their character’s thoughts and feelings in the scene.

All about Drama

This term in Performing Arts the students are learning all about Drama. Drama is about imagining you are somebody else and behaving as that person would in a given situation. In process drama the teacher works with students in role to help build a story through different activities. Students are audience to their own actions and are imaginatively involved in both the creation and consideration of their drama.  Some of the activities are:

  • Freeze Frame
  • Still images
  • Thought tracking
  • Role- playing
  • Role-on-the-wall
  •  Decision alley