Song Room Performance: A Donkey’s Tale

The lovely people at Song Room have offered us a free incursion for the whole school on Friday 8th August. The performance is A Donkey’s Tale

The 2014 show, A Donkey Tale has been created by SEDA Arts students who write, produce and perform the show.

Donkey Tale is a story  based on The Donkey Prince by Angela Carter, it has been adapted for stage by the SEDA Arts students to incorporate song, dance and puppetry. It follows the story of Bruno a baby donkey, adopted by the King and Queen of the land, and brought up to be a prince. He goes on a dangerous quest to save his mother’s life to find an enchanted apple, accompanied by Daisy, HG and The Hound. Bruno and Daisy overcome their trials through the use of song and dance; working as a team to help Bruno save the day.