Grade 1/2 Arts Excursion

On Friday the 15th November all the grade 1/2 students went on an excursion to The National Gallery and the Melbourne Arts Centre.

The school was extremely successful in applying for the Arts Centre First Call Fund and qualified for 100% coverage of the cost of the tickets. The students were given a wonderful opportunity to be part of an audience at the Arts Centre Melbourne and see The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Germany’s Thalias Kompagnon (Based on the story of Hans Christian Anderson).

They met the artist Joachim Torbahn (performer/puppeteer/painter)

The students also visited the National Gallery and discovered some of the wonderful art works on exhibition.

This excursion provided our children with opportunities to discover how art tells a story and be part of live performance.

Enjoy some of the photos taken on the day!

Grade 1/2 Doodle 4 Google Entries

There was well over 16,500 doodles in this year’s Doodle 4 Google competition. The Google team sent our school a letter thanking all the students for choosing to be involved in this year’s competition. They wanted to pass on a huge congratulations to all the students who entered for showing their passion, talent and wonderful ideas.  Although not everyone could be chosen as a finalist they were in awe by the wonderful talent and effort that had gone into every doodle they received.  ” A big thanks to all the St Albans East Primary School’s doodlers!”  Here are some of our grade 1/2 school finalists:

By Jackie

By Viti
By Mohammad

By Sasa

By ShaylaBy Rohith
By AzariaBy Seius
By VyBy Truc-TuyenBy Jerry

By HenryBy LindzyBy KristyBy RebeccaBy VyvyanBy ThinhBy CassieBy AnnaBy YvonneBy Andrew